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Home inspection is essential.
We examine property condition, analyze and report risks, defects, and uncertainties.

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Assessing a property for risks comes first.

Why get your home inspected?

Buying a home is the biggest financial commitment most people will ever make. A home is a major purchase; therefore, having your potential home purchase thoroughly inspected by a qualified home inspector is important. A written report tells you what the condition of the property is, which could uncover concerns that might compromise a sale.

On the other hand, a pre-sale home inspection offers significant advantages as well. This may avoid potential deal breakers, delays, or reduced offers. In addition, because of the limited time frame, correcting deficiencies right before closing can be very difficult and costly.

Finally, hiring a home inspector is a valuable asset, as his expertise is crucial. Since he has no personal interest in the transaction, he will present the facts as they are, and can suggest additional inspections in case of doubt.

Why Maison Utile?

Residential Services have been our expertise since 1996.

We can surely say that through qualitative services and personalized approach we have achieved many things and plan to achieve many more.

Because in the past few years construction technologies, concept, and materials have become more advanced and complex, conventional Home Inspections turned out to be outdated. However, we make a step ahead by introducing Advanced Home Inspections, which are Residential Risk Assessment services.

What makes the difference

  • We use special tools to uncover property defects that can't be found by using conventional inspection methods
  • We analyze potential uncertainties rather than just inspect
  • We provide you with tools for price negotiation
  • We made Home Inspection process faster and more comprehensive
  • We are certified for Health and Safety and understand Home Insurance
  • We comply with both International Risk Management Standards and National Standards of Canada for Home Inspections
  • We understand your values and your needs, and therefore, we invite you to make Real Estate transactions seamless and stress free.

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